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Maria Monk

Pray for our LINKS Missionary in Taipei, Taiwan

Mariah grew up in Columbus, OH, where she first felt called into ministry in the 4th grade. The how, where, and what are everchanging but the why remains the same, she hopes to be a tangible reflection of Christ to her community, whenever that may be.

Mariah attended Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN, graduating with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and double minored in Graphic Design and Compassionate Ministries. While at Trevecca, she had several opportunities to serve on trips abroad that confirmed her calling to international ministry. It is in the moments when Mariah is in multicultural settings that she feels closest to God.

Mariah has her district license in the COTN, and is on track for ordination. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree from Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary and is loving the content she is learning in relation to missions.

She will serve in Taipei, Taiwan as a Disciple Maker and have the opportunity to engage with the Taiwanese community and help equip indigenous disciple-makers. While in Taiwan, Mariah will enroll in full-time Mandarin language study. This will allow her to develop relational and ministerial skills while gaining knowledge of the language and culture. Mariah will also participate in the work surrounding the church plant by attending Bible studies, teaching, and fostering relationships with Taiwanese young adults and college students who are being trained in ministry.

She is incredibly excited to meet new people in Taiwan, drink Boba tea, and try the food at the street markets! Mariah would love to chat with you more about the adventure that God has called her on and how you can engage with the work being done in Taiwan.

If you'd like to follow along more closely with the ministry in Taiwan, please join Mariah's Facebook Group:

 Type B living in Taipei
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The children participating in this program attend the Nazarene school, which provides kindergarten, primary and secondary education up to the 9th grade. Equal opportunity is given to all children. The education is of very high standard and is recognized by the government. The activities include daily Christian teaching

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Pray for our Sponsored Child Poram

Child Reference #: 390-362502

Date of Birth:   September 6, 2023
Gender:   boy


Hello, my name is Poram.  I live in Banglaeash (Dhaka). At home I like to help my parents. At church I like to attend Sunday school. I also like to play football (soccer).

        Bangladesh Area Detail

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Pray for our Sponsored Child Jirani

Child Reference #: 708-347970

Date of Birth:   March 17, 2008
Gender:   boy


Hello, my name is Jirani. I live in Malawi. My mother is a farmer and my father is a farmer. At home, I like to farm. I also like telling stories and playing soccer.

        Malawi Area Detail

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Operation Christmas Child